Students join reading groups for many reasons; the reading of good books and the discussions they inspire, exposure to new ideas and differing viewpoint, and an opportunity to socialize with other book lovers. Others are looking to explore the endless possibilities of the adventure each read provides.

The books, articles and pieces chosen are from assorted inventory of international writers. Whatever the reason, students are encouraged to participate in this initiative so that they sharpen their intellect and become universal articulate.


The Valencia Mathematics Club was established for three reasons:

  1. To help remove “Math Phobia” – the fear of mathematics which majority of students tend to generally have, and to make them se that mathematics is a subject which can be understood and enjoyed.
  2. To help students learn steps towards developing conceptual and manipulative skills in Mathematics.
  3. To encourage and prepare potential Mathematicians, Engineers, and Scientists through:
    • Interactive play methods i.e. the use of Mathematics games and models.
    • Regular quiz, lectures and seminars; with students themselves as major participants.
    • Personality appreciation i.e. discussions and talks about early and pioneer mathematicians and scientists – their early lives and impact made in the world of Mathematics.


The Valencia Music Club was established to enhance the talents and performing capabilities of students interested in music whether as a career or hobby. Participation in the music club enables the student to put into practical use, the knowledge or rudiments and theory of music which they have learnt in the classroom. The Valencia Music Club has three sections:

  1. The Choir
  2. The Orchestra
  3. The Stage Band

Each of these sections is directed and supervised by a seasoned and experienced music tutor. The students are encouraged to join any of these musical groups where they are taught the art of singing and playing of musical instruments.

The music club has been very active and has always performed at the social and extra-curricular programs of the school. The Valencia Music Club also welcomes invitations to perform in other secondary schools within and outside our immediate environment.


The art and craft is used for art, pottery, sculpture, and modelling. Students have plenty of opportunities to use the centre in their free time. Majority of the work done in the centre is displayed around the college.